Drag lifts - chamonix

  • We are looking for land in chamonix valley with a drag lift that we can pay to use. the land owners where we originally planned to ride have changed their minds. we have boards and equipment but no official base. any suggestions?
  • I don't know very well this resort, and if the lift are open to mountainbikes.
    Lot of resorts in France open their lifts to bikes, so they may do it in Cham.
    > www.chamonix.com maybe ?
  • Pat

    during summer, at least St Brevent lift is opened to mountain bikes, so also to mountain board. But as far as I saw, the opened downhill tracks are quite rocky on this side of the valley, and I do not know if there's something really suitable for MTB (I'm a beginner...)
    The other thing is that most of the tracks are closed to bikes from june to september.
    There is also in Chamonix a summer luge track with a lift, maybe with grass. But I did not try with a board.
  • Indeed, take the lift used for summer ludge,called "piste des Planards". Very suitable for MTB beginners and bumps on sides to jumps, and power slide on the parking lot downhill. very grassy in summer and great view on the valley !