French Boarding Terms

  • Hey would you guys (and ladies!) mind posting some French boarding terms? I'm curious about French boarding lingo.

  • You folks are totally leaving me hanging here. How about just one boarding word??
  • Sorry for some reason, I totally skipped this topic !

    on dit UN mountainboard, mais on dit UNE board.

    to powerslide = faire un slide
    to bail, crash = se vautrer
    a jump = un saut

    la plupart des termes anglais sont repris en français: un trick, un kicker, bigair, boardercross, etc.

  • Thanks Mikael! If you think of any other, please post them.
  • A trick = un trick, une figure
    a grab = un grab
    a board = une planche
    tires = les pneus
    wheels = les roues
    bushings = les gommes
    to jib = slider
    to spin = faire une rotation
    To make big tricks = envoyer du gros (French Alps), envoyer du bois (South-West), déchirer (North), envoyer du paté (Center), défoncer (North-east).
    bindings, straps = les fixations
    a deck = un plateau
    bearings = les roulements
    a jump = une bosse (dirt), un tremplin (wood)
    stainless = inoxydable
    fiber glass = fibre de verre
  • Merci Polo!