Hello fellow Mountainboarders across the world!

The International Mountainboard Association is being born!

Thanks to the passion of pioneers like Jason Lee (USA), Pete Tatham (UK), Ajay Watkins (UK) and Diego Anderson (France), and with the support of many others (Steve Tweedie, ATBA UK director, Andy Potter, White Air organizer and much more…) the association aims to help worldwide mountainboard scenes promote their events, identify the best dates, find some useful guidelines, promote their main sponsors.......and more!

Through its website, you’ll find information about mountainboard competitions all over the world:


If you want to promote your competition, this website is for you! We will announce every national and international competition we know about in any part of the world, no matter how big your scene is at the moment.

Also, to help you attract sponsors for your event, let them know that they can get worldwide publicity through this website.

Let us know the results so the world can see them too.

If your country isn’t represented yet, contact us, and we’ll add you.

We need your help ! Please put the website link everywhere you can, forums, blogs (myspace, facebook…), websites…

This website is for mountainboarders everywhere, and the sport will benefit from your input wherever you are.

Register for the newsletter and be the first to know competition dates, results, breaking news and much more…

This is just the beginning of the story, take a part in it, join the IMA !

Warm regards, good riding !

The IMA board.