New Zealand dirt challenge (ws event)


    preperation is well underway for the new zealand round of the world series now including the new website!

    The crew is on it's way down to castle rock this weeked to talk with track owners and to make the track bigger and better than befor.... and build some killer new jumps!

    Site is in the middle of constructions so some things may be abit dodgy but will be all go as soon as possible. We may even have a track updates page showing you as we build the track up each weekend.

    thanks to joe lawry for building the site!

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  • Bump,

    After a meeting with the track owner we have some sick plans in the pipeline for rebuilding the track.

    20 tonne digger for several days should see to that
  • hahaha would ya look at that

  • Of course dude, but NZ is still far away for our little purses, no doubt that i'll come someday, when i'll be rich, or at least enough to pay for the trip... Have fun ! Hi to Ben...
  • Numbnuts = Ben (you should know by the name).
    Hey I got some Manhicks too, they rule !!!
  • Yea i know the feeling.......i think most mountainboarders are abit cash strapped.

    hmm one of my manhicks have a nasty dent, but still what else runs comfortably at 100psi goto love it

    Will upgrade pics with pics of groomed track and of us throwing down on the new setup

    p.s my manhicks are now getting quite ouchy, all 4 have bad dings all round and abit bent and twisted But still hitting things faster than ever at 80psi
  • Ben you do know I hate you for having that park, don't you ?
    I got some Manhicks too, mine are fine this far...