• Ok, so I know there are a lot of events in the UK and France this season, but I was wondering if any the French riders are coming over for some of the US events. Anybody??
  • I think the US events are very good!!! but, the problem is a price of the ticket plane...It's exorbitantly priced!!!
  • The US events. Like what ?
    Okay so there's one thing at the Holler, the US Open, that thing in Moab in a couple of weeks.
    What else ?
  • Allright Mika, with an attitude like that, you can just stay in France

    But everyone else should come!!

    I hear ya about the plane ticket though. Travel is expensive.
  • Anything in CA?
    Tickets are expensive but as I fly down time to time with my company...
    Emmy, I like to see that late in the night, you think about keeping an eye on your french ATB friends'
    And we all know that it necessary to watch out Mika

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  • Hey Cyril! Here are the Cali rides. It would be great to see you! What part of Cali do you go to with work? Ever come out to Colorado?

    5th Annual Sand Hill Ranch Mountainboard Race & Big Air Competition
    Ramp Rats Skatepark Competition
    May 20th, 2006 Saturday 9:00 am
    locality: SandHill Ranch, Brentwood ,Ca

    Dirtheads Surf & Dirt Session
    June 29th-July 2nd, 2006
    locality: West Lower Sunset Dist San Francisco, Ca
    events: Cold water surfing and free ride mountainboarding

    CORE Tour round #3
    Septembert 15th-17th, 2006
    locality: Huntington Beach, CA
    events: Big Air
    contact: Rick Stark at 323-851-5446 or coretour.com
  • CYrilC, french style with epsilon board!!!Can you pick me up in your luggage!!!