• This is the Painful Bottom speaking

    You're more than welcome to come say hello or whatever else...
  • Ha, i knew i could count on mike to be in here trying to pick up little girls

    anyway i thought id let everybody know that yesterday while riding i scared a horse and it ended up almost killing this poor old lady, so dont ride near horses k.
  • What did you do to make it so scarry ?

    Did you try one of your famous 360 over it ?

    It's not serious Fritz, don't be so cruel with animals.

    Advice of the day : Never do tricks over animals, even if they are bigger than you...
  • Nah i was actually just standing there when she was walking the horse and for some reason it took off. and speaking of 3's, land them or hurt your ass, trust me i know

    diego, its about time you started bustin 3's wouldent you say, after riding with jlee and leon you should just about have them down